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Future work for these pages

What Priority When? Explanation
Breathing 2 EXPO Q2, Q3 and Q4 2014/2015. Must be summarized under Methods. TNW will have theoretic project on it. Rate and depth using resistive/optical/impedance
Accelerometry 1 EXPO Q1 2015/2016 making final hardware implementation. Afterwards, place in Methods - Accelerometry. Body motion, fall detection, etc.
EMG 3 Provide demo material to use the Methods|bi-polar bio-amplifier for EMG measurements
Capacitive EMG/ECG 3 Wearable ECG/EMG
Capacitive touch 3 Trivial, but sometimes needed in related projects. Maybe expand to “presence and position”
Location and position 2 Need Methods descriptions for topics of “presence and position”
Ballistocardiography 3
Heart rate by IR camera 3
Skin conductance 3
Functional improvements of the Wiki
Allow comments and feedback 3 Not sure whether this is a good idea Discussion Plugin
Other pages to add
Volume conduction 3 Put EGT course online
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