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Weighing Chair

Chris Lahaye, Niek Heesters, Ferd Fleskens en Tim van den Driesschen
Coach: Hein van de Vrande (Fontys Mechanical Engineering)
September 2014 - January 2015

The project anticipates to the trend of people living in their own home up to a higher age. The weighing chair facilitates in independence, self control and cost reduction by reducing the involvement of medical staff. The body weight, and especially sudden changes in the body weight, is an indication for many clinical conditions. It is a technical challenge to estimate the static body weight of a human body from behaviour in everyday life. The weighing chair is a first attempt to do this. It comprises the strain gauges of a balance in the legs. The final challenge will be in the signal processing. The first project group has studied the societal relevance and made a first feasibility study of the technology invloved. The project needs a follow up on a deeper technical level.

The weighing chair was developed for Fontys EGT.

Fig. 1: The weighing chair is a chair for normal use which estimates the static weight of a person

Fig. 2: A web-app was developed that gives feedback on the average weight. This specific graph is based on fictive data

File Version Date Description
de_monitoringsstoel_eindverslag3.pdf 1.0 January 26, 2015 Final report (Dutch)
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