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Measurement of Stress in Care Houses

Tomas Salachov, Martijn van der Linden, Lars Feijen, Marthijn Feddes, Thiago Hoffman, Renato Brasil, Emiel Delissen
Coach: Geert Langereis
February 2016 - July 2016

Reon Smits, Ragy Guirguis, Imelda Chrisanty, Florian Springer, Ben Lont
Coach: Geert Langereis
September 2016 - February 2017

Severinus in Veldhoven is a care giver where people with a mental disability can find support to live a normal life. Normally, autonomy is limited because these people may bring themselves into unpleasant or dangerous situations. With modern technology it is possible to monitor behaviour and to estimate risks. Our goal is to find solutions for people of all ages (from children to adults) at Severinus by matching their inabilities with the abilities of technology.

In practice, you will implement a wearable and installed system to estimate the stress level of people. This means the development of the electronics for a skin conduction measurement and to expand the MatLab software on the base station to implement more measurement modalities.

This project supports the “ROSA” project for stress monitoring of mentally challenged people which is initiated by Mentech Innovation BV1).

File Version Date Description
final_report_ipd_11_2016.pdf 7 July, 2016 Final report first group
ipd7_final_report_feb_2017.pdf 17 Jan, 2017 Final report second group
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