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Monitoring Mother-Child Contact

Nikoleta Kolarova, Dimitar Zidarov, Joacim H. Ingri, Dinesh Regmi, Kim Sunak
Coach: Wiely van Groningen
Client: Geert Langereis
August 2016 - November 2016

Detect whether person 1 touches person 2 on the bare skin by means of adding an AC carrier signal to the body of person 1.

This was the first project on this topic, so it had to be started form a small literature search. When searching the internet for existing mechanisms and technology, we had to define the scope first. A suggestion to have a targeted literature overview is to start with:

  • Capacitive detection
  • Skin to skin contact
  • Carrier signal to the body
  • Detection of a carrier signal

A first search in Google and Google Scholar resulted into at least the Makey-Makey1), a patent application on a skin contact measurement2) and a news message on a technology to detect whether a door knob had been touched3). The Arduino CapSense reference design is not a solution because it can not uniquely detect a contact of person 1 to person 2.

After the literature study, there will be some candidate technologies identified. Build these options, and determine what is the best. So, the goal of the project is not a finished product, but the feasibility of a concept. This may be verified using desktop tools (myDAQs, analyzers).

File Version Date Description
xx 1.0 November 9, 2016 Final report
Makey-Makey capacitive interface,
Patent application, Skin Contact Sensor,
Liz Stinson,, 11.12.15., EM-Sense Enabled Smartwatch Can Detect When You Touch a Doorknob,
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