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Ambulant Monitoring for Assisting Physiotherapy

Linda Relou, Chris van den Borne, Maurice Harteveld, and Niels Hendrikx
Coach: Geert Langereis (Fontys Institute for Engineering), Sofie Moresi (Fontys Institute for Human Movement and Sports)
January 2015 - July 2015

With the increasing costs of healthcare and the growing population we see that the number of consults a physiotherapist can have per patient is reducing. This project investigated how the technological options created by the current society in the field of body activity measurements and cloud data can help to intensify the effectiveness of the consults.

This concept was developed for Fontys EGT.

Main question

Which data of wearables is required for a physiotherapist so it can monitor clients and support them in their daily activities?


For the project the group did a quantitative research. To collect the data there is made of the following three wearables: Runkeeper, Activ8 and Garmin Edge 705. There is been chosen for a study with people in the age between 18 years and 25 years. There are three persons who do the same route under the same circumstances: walking, running and cycling. Data from the test will be examined for activity, intensity and duration. To monitor the reliability of the measuring instruments, the researchers has chosen keep up the time manually to measure the length of the effort. To ensure the data is correct there is chosen to measure the heart rate with Garmin as benchmark.


The investigation has shown that a combination of the tested wearables is the best way to monitor clients. The investigation brings out that a combination of heart rate measurement along with the activity and the duration will be enough. Synchronize it to an application which is available for the physical therapist and client. The project has not explained on base of the gathered data and literature if such product is already on the market.

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