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Measuring Forces in Shoes

Al Muhannad Al Rawahi, Marthijn Feddes, Emmanuel Yeboah, Kevin Janga, Jorg van de Vries, Roel Van den Broek, Dylan van der Zee, Natasha Latham
Coach: Geert Langereis
September 2016 - February 2017

Mariano Otero Castañeda, Rocco Nardone, Tommaso Catalini, Ryan Daal, Beñat Murua, Pierpaolo Vendittelli, Milan Vitvar
Coach: Wiely van Groningen
February 2017 - July 2017

Mieke Relou, Collin van Waarsenburg, Bart Lemmen, Don Hennen
Coach: Geert-Jos van der Maazen, Geert Langereis
February 2017 - July 2017

The projects were executed at Fontys Engineering and at the Fontys Center of Expertise FontysEGT.

To prevent diabetic feet and other foot problems, we want to measure the forces on feet in shoes in three axes (perpendicular and in-plane), preferably at a grid over the whole footbed.

File Version Date Description
ipd6_final_report_feb_2017.pdf 1.0 Feb 3, 2017 Final report - Sensor development
final_report_v1.0_shoetimes_june_2017.pdf 1.0 Jun 21, 2017 Final report - Sensor development
22_juni_2017_minoregt_eindproduct.pdf 1.0 Jun 21, 2017 Final report - Concept development (Dutch only)
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