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Sensor Systems (for Healthcare Applications)

This Wiki page is initiated to share resources on sensors and sensor systems, specifically sensors for healthcare applications. What we see in practice, is that measurement methods and tools for monitoring the human body are freely available for the professional market. In addition, many technical journal papers describe the basic functionality from physiology to electronics and algorithms. However, when students or researchers need to customise measurement methods for sports, care or cure purposes, there appears to be a huge gap. Universities have the knowledge to replicate and customize equipment, but do not see the challenge or need to do so. Equipment from the market can not be customized, or is too bulky or too expensive. This Wiki community is intended to become an open platform to close this gap by sharing reference designs for explorative medical instrumentation.


A newsblog was added

The Wiki now contains a newsblog to give up-to-date information about page updates and news items related to sensor and Care&Cure projects.

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