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Sensor Systems (for Healthcare Applications)

This Wiki page is initiated to share resources on sensors and sensor systems, specifically sensors for healthcare applications. What we see in practice, is that measurement methods and tools for monitoring the human body are freely available for the professional market. In addition, many technical journal papers describe the basic functionality from physiology to electronics and algorithms. However, when students or researchers need to customise measurement methods for sports, care or cure purposes, there appears to be a huge gap. Universities have the knowledge to replicate and customize equipment, but do not see the challenge or need to do so. Equipment from the market can not be customized, or is too bulky or too expensive. This Wiki community is intended to become an open platform to close this gap by sharing reference designs for explorative medical instrumentation.


The "Projects" space is now protected with a password

The Projects space contains the intermediate results of projects. Because some intermediate products are not completely validated, and because some projects are confidential, it is decided to make this space only accessible for selected people.

2018/10/09 17:01 · glangereis

Paper about Wiki accepted for SEFI2016 conference, Tampere, Finland

A paper was written on how this SensorWiki helps to bring the research line Sensor Systems in the spotlight, and how it makes our students collaborate with industry and institutes. It is accepted for the Sefi Conference 20161) .

2016/06/23 12:30 · geert

Wiki Name Changed to "Sensor Systems"

The name of the Wiki changed from “Instrumentation for Health” to “Sensor Systems” with the subtitle “.. for Healthcare Applications”.

The reason is an alignment with the Fontys research line for Sensor Systems. The applications and project on this Wiki have become broader than HealthCare Instrumentation only. It is about measuring states and quantities around the human body, but not only restricted to that application field.

Besides a broadening of the scope, I have compiled all tutorials related to sensors and their modelling and the Sensor Technology course.

2016/06/15 07:18 · geert

Added page for some microcontroller topics

A page was added with some topics on microcontrollers. The simplest way to implement a microcontroller solution is to use Simplified Arduino Microcontroller Boards. There is also a link added to a microcontroller course which is based on Arduino, but uses the ANSI-C language to go down to bitlevel manipulation for accessing registers.

2016/03/17 11:12 · geert

The Bio Amplifier

After a successful student project, a simple bio-amplifier is now added to this site. The bio-amplifier is based on an instrumentation amplifier, and can be used to measure bi-polar ECG and EMG. It has the option to use a third active electrode to remove common effects (a driven-right-leg).

2016/01/05 08:06 · geert
G. Langereis, An open source healthcare sensor platform for electrical engineering education and deployment, 12-15 September 2016, Tampere Finland
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